Safety Matters

Jumping on trampolines and other activities in the park involves an inherent risk of injury. Air Factory is committed to the safety of our patrons and minimising these risks. As such, we are independently audited by AM-SAFE for safety compliance and we are compliant members of the Australian Trampoline Parks Association. We care about each and every person who enters the park and as such we do everything possible to uphold the highest safety standards.

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Safety rules are just that. For your Safety!

Air Factory is an action focused sports facility where injuries can occur. Trampolining and Bubble Soccer are both demanding physical activities. Like any sport there is always the potential for serious accidents and injury. Safety is our number one priority and all reasonable care has been taken to reduce the risks of accidents. Participants need to decide if the benefits of participation are worth the risk of injury.

You can reduce the risks involved by following our safety rules. If you don’t follow these you might be asked to sit out the rest of your session time (no refund!) and nobody wants that.

Follow our safety rules, have fun, but don’t do things that risk hurting yourself or someone else.
Know your limits and don’t try jump beyond your skill level. Showing off to your friends can lead to serious injury.

Our safety rules are simple.

1. One person per trampoline

Head clashes and other injuries can occur when more than one person is on a trampoline at once. So please, wait until a trampoline is free before you jump on.

2. No double bouncing

Double bouncing is dangerous. It’s one of the main causes of injuries. It shouldn’t happen if you stick to the one person per tramp rule.

3. Please listen to Air Factory staff and follow their instructions .

Our staff will be doing their best to observe patron behaviour and trying to look after you and those around you. We want you to have fun, but do so safely. Please listen and follow their instructions.

4. Zero tolerance to nonsense and dangerous behaviour.

This means no showing off , no silly or dangerous behaviour at all. No running, pushing, tackling, tripping or any other behaviour that could cause you or others injury. We really don’t tolerate this kind of behaviour and it will result in you leaving Air Factory early if you don’t stick to this one.

5. Stay in the middle of the trampoline and dont ever jump from the trampoline onto the padding or floor.

Stay in the middle of the trampoline at all times when jumping and don’t ever jump from the trampoline onto the padding or floor. Even though padding is relatively soft, jumping on padding can still cause serious injury, like broken bones. At all times you should avoid jumping onto the padding, near the springs or frame due to the risk of serious injury.

6. Do not sit or lie down on the trampoline mats or court.

If you are tired and need to rest, you must get off the court. If you sit or lie on the court, people might land on you and that’s probably going to hurt.

7. Wear appropriate clothing.

Chains, Hanging zips, stringy things, loopy bits and belts can get caught on things. When you are on the trampolines avoid wearing them. And don’t forget to empty your pockets, remove your jewellery and your watches – you don’t want to lose them.

8. Wear Air Factory Socks.

Our socks give you the right grip when jumping. No Air Factory socks, no jumping. Simple.

9. No Climbing.

Bouncing off the walls is fine, but no climbing the walls or the netting, or no hanging from the top pads. We’re a trampoline park, not a jungle gym.

10. No drugs.or alcohol ever!

Drinking, drugs and jumping? Not a smart mix. .

11. Jump well within your skill level

Don’t be your own worst enemy! Do not attempt to do jumps or flips that you cant already do with competence. Patrons who try out new tricks put themselves at serious risk of injury. Our staff will be one hand to do everything within reason to prevent you from hurting yourself. You need to take this one on board for yourself and also keep an eye on anyone you are jumping with or responsible for.

12. Watch out for other people.

There are lots of people in the park at one time. Keep an eye out for others and what they are doing. Avoid any clashes and make sure you stick to the rules.

13. Never dive head first onto the air bags.

Use your head! Don’t land on it! The Air Bags are there for a super soft landing. But your head and neck are precious and you must land on your feet, bottom or back.

14. The Pro Zone is for advanced jumpers over 125cm tall.

The Pro Zone is full of performance trampolines designed to achieve maximum height.
Jump walls and boxes are for advanced jumpers only. Do not jump beyond your limits.

15. No climbing up onto Jump Boxes.

If you cant run up, then sorry, you don’t have the required skill level to get down.

16. No hanging from the basketball hoop or backboard.

17. No eating, drinking or chewing gum while jumping or engaging in any physical activity within Air Factory.