Pro Zone

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This is where our performance trampolines are located. You must be over 125cm to enter this zone.

Please Note: These trampolines are designed to provide maximum bounce and therefore there is a greater risk of injury in this zone. To minimise the risk of injury, follow all our safety rules and please jump within your skill level.

2 x Super Quad Trampolines.
We have imported two massive Super Quad trampolines shipped in directly from the United States.
Super Quads are used for professional sports training in wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, skating just to name a few. Or you can just bounce on them.
These tramps are positioned in the highest ceiling area for a reason!

16.5 Metre Tumble Tramp
That’s not all. Pro Zone features a 16.5 metre long tumble and huge landing pad for all you gymnasts and cheer leaders out there.

Jump Box
Add four Olympic size tramps imported from the United States to four jump boxes and jump walls and you have Air Factory Jump Box.
Wall jumping takes a little time to master, but its worth it.

Jumbo Olympic Tramps
And we have four fly bed high bounce Olympic trampolines to keep you warmed up while you are resting from the Super Quads, Jump Boxes and Tumble track.